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Where is Wyld Heading this Mango Season

The sun is out and so are the season’s best perk, mangoes! Our Wyld partner brands have been whipping out some irresistible mango desserts, and our social currency card holders are ready to gobble them up. So, without further ado, here is exactly where we are all headed this season for the best Instagram-worthy mango desserts!

Grandmama’s Cafe

Known for that homely vibe and comfort food that instantly brings you home, Grandmama’s Cafe is now also bringing that childhood summer nostalgia to you. From the classic mango milkshake to the trendy mango boba tea and the indulgent mango with cream, there's something to satisfy every mango craving.

Toska Chocolates

Time to stock up on Toska Chocolates' exquisite decadent mango bar! Crafted with precision and care, these ethical chocolates boast a rich mango flavour that perfectly matches their commitment to quality and sustainability. Oh, and did we mention they are also vegan?

The Sassy Teaspoon

The Sassy Teaspoon takes away the crown again and this time with our seasonal best! From velvety mango cheesecake to heavenly mango and biscoff mousse, mango tart, and mango cream cake, this is your sign to celebrate the king of fruits in all its glory and indulge unapologetically.

Third Wave Coffee

Finally, THE place to head to for a mango-infused caffeine fix and sweet treats! Whether it is swapping your daily coffee with a refreshing mango milkshake or sinking your teeth into a delectable mango croissant, Third Wave Coffee offers more than just coffee. The mango cake and pancakes join the mix too!

99 Pancakes

Craving pancakes, cakes, milkshakes, or waffles? 99 Pancakes has got you covered with its mouth-watering range of mango-flavoured delights. Whether you're in the mood for fluffy pancakes, decadent cakes, or creamy milkshakes, their mango boons are worth every penny!

So, where are you headed first?

While you’re out and about, don’t forget to take a tempting snap, tag the brand and us on the gram and reel in the perks of our cashback app. Don’t have the Wyld card yet? Give that social score a lift and join the clan! Here’s how you can apply and make it through the waitlist.

Stay wild, use Wyld!

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