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Are Restaurants Booming Because of Social Media?

Do you ever feel like the restaurant industry probably wasn’t as flourishing as it is now in the age of social media?

Well, that might be true. Contrary to the era before Instagram, today, every new and old food business has the potential to reach everyone and anyone, age and area no bar, all via a simple post. Whether someone is a decor lover, a foodie, or just someone who can't get enough of the new-age ‘aesthetics,’ we all love to watch those food and cafe reels, don’t we? Safe to say, what social media can do to promote a restaurant is almost revolutionary!

The Power of Visual Feast

Ever found yourself drooling over a perfectly plated dish on your feed? Blame it on those mouth-watering food pics flooding your timeline. From decadent desserts to sushi boats, restaurants do know what they're doing and Instagram does the rest. In this visual-centric era, folks don’t just eat with their mouths; they feast with their eyes first. So, if your dish is Insta-worthy, it'll reach the right audience in no time with a long queue right outside.

From Likes to Lights, Camera, Action

Today, a meal is not just food. A dessert is not just a sweet indulgence. With Instagram, you turn a simple meal into a full-blown photoshoot. While you record every juicy moment, right from the sizzle of a sizzler to the swirl of a cocktail, you are also creating content to inspire at least one of your audience to visit that very restaurant. Every like or view of your Instagram food content converts someone into someone’s customer!

Influencers: The New Managers

With millions of followers hanging onto their every word (and bite), established influencers and micro-influencers have become the gatekeepers of gastronomy. Yes, even those with as few as 1,000 followers on Instagram. A mere mention from a foodie influencer and suddenly, your cafe is booked solid for months. An Instagram-worthy decor and vibe, drool-worthy spread, and an impeccable plating technique. That’s all you need for your restaurant to be on every Instagram influencer’s new ‘hottest must-visit.’

Hashtag Heaven

#FoodPorn. #NomNom. #FoodieLife. These aren’t just hashtags; they're portals to culinary heaven. Thanks to the power of hashtags, diners can now be scoured by your very customers, whether you’re a hidden gem or a trending hotspot. Restaurants are now also creating their own branded tags to boost their online presence because, well, there is always someone on the gram looking exactly for them.

The Domino Effect

One share. One like. One retweet. That's all it takes to set off a social media frenzy that can make or break a restaurant overnight. Thanks to the domino effect of social media, a single viral post can propel an eatery into the culinary kingdom, while a negative review can send it crashing back to earth. It's a high-stakes game where every dish, every comment, and every interaction counts. But for those who play their cards right, the rewards are as delicious as they come.

So, the next time you take a bite of that perfectly plated dish, remember to snap, share, and savour every delicious moment. Of course, not without your Wyld social currency payment card, so you can also learn how to earn money online.

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