There is no greater evangelist for a brand than a customer
Get a paying customer who also brags about your brand to their Instagram followers!
200+ Brands growing with WYLD


We believe that every shopper has a circle of influence, be it their family, friends, colleagues or social acquaintances. WYLD helps brands leverage this social clout with every purchase!

Why WYLD? Shopping


WYLD is a Phygital payment card & mobile app, exclusively for social media users.
WYLD Number 1
Users discover your brand on the wyld app
WYLD Number 2
THEY directly make a purchase on your website or offline pos using the wyld card
WYLD Number 3
WITHIN 30 days, the User give your brand a shout-out on instagram
WYLD Number 4
You pay a metric based cashback to the user on their purchase


WYLD Card: New Customers

New Customers

WYLD Card: Word of mouth Marketing

Word of Mouth Marketing

WYLD Card: User Generated Content

User Generated Content at Scale!

At  ZERO upfront cost!