About WYLD

What is WYLD?


WYLD is a platform for everyone out there who are present on social media to experience the power of their influence and what their word-of-mouth can get you in return. So while you shop from our partner brands, share and flaunt your shopping on your Instagram, and earn exclusive rewards and WYLD cashback on your card.

What is the WYLD Card?


WYLD is India’s first social currency payment card powered by VISA where you can monetise your social network. You can use the WYLD card for all your online and offline purchases just like any other credit/ debit card.

Why should YOU use the WYLD Card?


Do you shop your favorite brands and flaunt your shopping bags on IG?Does your morning iced latte make it your story everyday?Are you someone who loves to snap and share their meal on social media?
Then you’re definitely someone who should sign-up for WYLD. The WYLD card is for EVERYONE!

You can now use your followers on social media to earn exclusive access and rewards with your shopping when you swipe WYLD.


Am I eligible for the WYLD Card?


You don’t need to be a creator, an influencer, or even have tens of thousands of followers on your Instagram. We’ll get you running with 1000 followers.

If you have an Instagram account with more than 1000 followers, and you love to shop you’re in! That is all you need.

How can I apply for the WYLD Card?


WYLD Is currently on Invitation only.

You can  apply to get early access to the WYLD card on our
website. We don’t even need much! Just your Instagram handle, name and email ID.

Using the WYLD card

Where can I use the WYLD Card?


You can use your WYLD card just like any other regular payment Debit/ Credit card. You can use the WYLD card to order online or pay at restaurants or shop your heart out at your favorite offline stores.

How do I use the WYLD Card at offline stores?


WYLD is a prepaid card with an account number already added to it. You need to simply add money to your WYLD card from any bank account, and you’re good to go. The WYLD card can now be used to swipe at any retail outlet that we’ve partnered with. Simple swipe the card when you need to pay.

WYLD Score?

What is the WYLD score?


The WYLD Score is a proprietary social scoring system which determines the influence of each user, based on fixed parameters, like number of Followers, Reach, Engagement, Frequency of posts, Quality of content etc

What is the Eligibility?


1000+ Followers on Instagram.
Min. WYLD Score of 100
Min. 10 Posts/ Reels on the page
Age - 18+
Public profile / Creator or Business account
Meme accounts, fan pages & blog pages shall be disallowed

Please note, meeting the criteria mentioned above is the minimum requirement for eligibility, but it doesn't guarantee approval.

What if there are bots in my followers?


Profiles with BOT followers or engagement will be disallowed and will be penalized with a lower WYLD score. 
Eg 1: If you have 1M followers on Instagram and have 1,000 likes on an average, that’s a really bad Engagement & your WYLD score shall be affected by it.


Eg 2: If you have 10k followers on Instagram and have 1,000 likes on an average, you might get a better WYLD score compared to eg 1. 

How do I know if I am eligible for 30% cashback or 100%?


This is determined by the WYLD Score.

What is the RANGE OF THE WYLD score?


It is a score between 0-1000.

Still have questions? DM us on Instagram or email us on hello@getwyld.in