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We Are Not a Cashback Shopping App

We are more than just that!

Yes, at first glance, we ARE a social currency card that works on an app, your very own cashback app that lets you shop till you drop, all while spending less. But, is that all? Well, our Wyld users say otherwise. When they shop and go on to lead their exciting lives, thanks to the Wyld app and offers, they also:

Become a Part of a Growing Wyld Community

Overheard at the Wyld HQ, the crew has plans of making Wyld get-togethers for members a constant spot on your calendars. We’ve had a few Wyld evenings, where users joined us, defeated each other in rounds of beer pong, struck up conversations, and left the bar with a few new pals. When you join the Wyld club of users, you become one with all that we stand for—shopping, an exciting life, saving a few bucks, your influencing power, and more. 

Make the Most of the Power of Social Media 

It is the new age, where social media isn’t just a platform to connect with people but also one that can teach you how to make money online and make the most of your skills. It is now a platform to know how far the power of the internet and the right way to use it can take you. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you make it your life, but hey, when used smartly and minimally, the power of social media CAN bring the right Instagram collaborations, people, opportunities, and life to you.

Become a Social Star with a Ticket to Everywhere

When you enter the world of Wyld, you also enter a full calendar of events. Here’s what we mean. As a Wyld member and card holder, you also get the chance to win free tickets as and when and access to Wyld-sponsored or collaborated events. Now, who doesn’t love a free ticket or a special sense of belonging in events?

Give Their Lifestyle a Fancy Do-Over

When you have access to the most happening restaurants, events, brands, and events in town, you also open the door to inviting an upgrade to your life. “Now, you can have that even without a Wyld card,” you may wonder. Our answer? Yes, you can but with a big hole in your pockets. With a Wyld card, you can bump your lifestyle without burning a hole in your pocket. Sounds like a win-win?

Stay Wild, Use Wyld! 

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