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Our Users Got Wyld at Social Nation 2024 for Free

Did you hear? The Wyld community went absolutely Wyld at Social Nation 2024, and boy, was it an experience! Wondering how our social currency cardholders get free access and if this happens often? Keep scrolling for the scoop! 

But, What is Social Nation?

A nation of sorts for the entire social community and its fans! Social influencers, musicians, artists, comedians, creators, and pretty much everyone who is a social sensation today leave their digital screens and come alive here in this 2-day fest. They render performances, hold discussions, serenade you, and capture the crowd with their magnetism. There’s food, music, interactions that fuel you for a month, and more! In a nutshell? Social nation is the entire social landscape mingling offline over online, and one has to be there to soak in the energy.

How did Wyld Users Go to Social Nation for Free?

How on earth did 100 Wyld cardholders manage to snag a spot at this exclusive event? Well, here's the inside scoop. We don’t just claim that having a Wyld card will also pave the way for access to the hottest events in town. We actually hook you up with those tickets! So, we spread the word like wildfire, sending out stories and broadcasts about Social Nation to all our Wyld users.

The overwhelming responses were then followed up by our team picking the first 100 and sending them a form to fill out. Next thing we know, the chosen ones took it up on the gram to post about the event, tagging Social Nation and us. Of course, they were rewarded with free tickets to last weekend's event! 

This is How It Went

Fast forward to the big day. Let us tell you, it was nothing short of incredible. From rubbing shoulders with industry giants to soaking in the electrifying atmosphere, our users made their mark at Social Nation 2024. And hey, we've got the proof!

Don’t Miss the Buzz—Stay in the Loop

The party doesn't stop there. If you missed out on this round, make sure to follow us and stay tuned for future events. Yes, it is this easy. All you need is a good social score, the Wyld cashback app, and learn how to get 1000 followers on Instagram.  

Meanwhile, stay wild, use Wyld!

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