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Are You Even a Gen-Z if You Don't Own These 3 Things?

Whether you're scrolling through Instagram for hours or rocking the latest oversized fashion trend, there are a few must-haves that scream "Gen-Z." So, let’s get scrolling and see if you got ‘em. And hey, ever heard of a Wyld card? If not, buckle up because it's about to become your new favourite thing.

The Wyld Card

What if we told you how to make money online just by sharing your next shopping find on Instagram? Meet the Wyld card if you haven’t already – it's not your average Visa card. With this bad boy, you can shop till you drop and also get cashback from the brand just for posting about it on your Instagram story or feed. It's like a cashback app, where you get rewarded for being your fabulous Gen-Z self! So, why settle for boring old banking when you can bank on your lifestyle and learn how to monetize Instagram?

Instagram Duh

Ah, Instagram – the holy grail of social media for Gen-Zers. It's not just an app; it's practically a way of life. We're talking filters, stories, reels – you name it. It's where we go to express ourselves, connect with friends, and of course, keep up with all the latest trends. So, if you're not already scrolling through Insta at least a dozen times a day, are you even a true Gen-Z? Oh, and did we mention how if you want to optimize the Wyld card, you pretty much rely on the gram?

Oversized Fashion

Who needs skinny jeans when you can rock oversized joggers? Or crop tops when you can slay in an oversized hoodie? That's right, oversized fashion is where it's at. It's comfy, it's cool, and it's an effortless stamp of the Gen-Z way of life. We're all about embracing our bodies and wearing whatever makes us feel confident – even if it means drowning in fabric. So, if your wardrobe isn't overflowing with oversized tees and baggy pants, are you really living that Gen-Z life?

Well, being a Gen-Z isn't just about the year you were born; it's a whole vibe, a lifestyle if you will. So, go ahead, stay wild, and use Wyld!

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