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Look at your last Instagram picture. What brands are you wearing? T-shirt, shoes, jeans? What brands are you representing? Where are you? Café, restaurant, club or some getaway out of town? What device are you using? The point is, a picture may be worth a thousand words, and almost always consists of many brands. Brands that we forget to notice. Brands, that want YOU!

Everyone has a circle of influence. The size of that circle may depend on a lot of things but each friend or family member is more likely to trust you more than the biggest of Bollywood stars when it comes to influencing the choices they make. That makes your influence credible and valuable. Of course, there is no one to value it. Yet.

On the other hand, every brand trying to sell you something knows that  the best salesperson they can have is you, the customer (if only they could afford to hire you). If you doubt that, try asking an Apple customer for advice to buy a new gadget. After gigantic hoardings, celebrity marketing, and other forms of persuasion, marketing departments are coming back to the oldest, most basic, but trusted form of marketing - word of mouth. This is the future of marketing.

This is where WYLD comes in. WYLD is a revolutionary startup that rewards its users with cash backs upto 100% of their purchases featuring in their posts, if they tag the brand they shopped using their WYLD credit card. Brands get a credible shoutout for their products while shoppers get wild cash backs.

No matter what your reasons are for being on Instagram, to stay in touch with people or are taking steps to become an influencer by creating content, WYLD is for you. The only condition, you must have at least 1000 followers. With over 100+ brand partners across fashion, restaurants, clubs, electronics companies increasing everyday, WYLD rewards you for  your posts on Instagram, even without millions of followers. WYLD rewards you for your lifestyle, by helping you monetise your influence.

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