Are you wyld enough?

Find below if you are eligible for the WYLD Card.

Eligibility Criteria:

✓ A public insta account with 1000+ followers.
✓ Authentic & engaged profile with no fake followers.
✓ At least 10 posts showcasing your individual personality.
✓ No Brand pages, meme accounts, photography pages, blogs, etc.

IMPORTANT: Don't go for fake followers; we value real connections and authenticity above all!


I meet the criteria, but it says I'm not eligible. Why?


We value authenticity in content and followers, and our algorithm checks each profile for over 20 parameters. If it detects fake engagement or something else that doesn't match our requirements, you might be flagged. If you think it's a mistake, please contact us at For more about our social score, click here.

I am eligible. How do I get the WYLD Card?


We're currently onboarding users by invitation only. You can receive an invite from existing users, through our social media campaigns, or join our priority access list, and we'll contact you when it's your turn.

Why are the selection criteria so strict?


WYLD aims to create a community of authentic users who share genuine experiences.

In addition, we give massive rewards to the users, which are funded by brands, so they want engaging and quality content.

We've designed our algorithm with this in mind to maintain a balanced and sustainable community.

Still have questions? DM us on Instagram or email us on