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Why We Do What We Do

WYLD was born when someone realised everyone has a circle of influence or social currency yet only a small minority is able to use it (social media influencers, Bollywood stars et cetera). We asked,"What stops people from capitalising on their influence? "

It is the same thing that prevented access to loans before credit score came to be. Before that, the assessment was binary. Either I can trust you to pay me back or not. If you had the right last name, enough money to ask for money only then were you given loans. But who needed money the most, people who didn’t have it! A credit score showed banks how much you can expect one to pay back. The assessment was no longer binary. Levels of trust could be codified and used to build products for people who needed them.

WYLD saw the same problem, a select few socially elite capitalising on their social capital leaving nothing for the rest. Armed with advanced data analytics and the data people willingly make public, we created a way to codify a major part of your social capital - your social media presence. Seeing how other people engage with the content you create on social media, we assign you a social score. Something you can brandish to credibly show your social capital. That’s one half of the story.

Then we asked brands- If every happy customer of yours was able to show they used and liked your product, what is that worth to you? They were quick to ask us not to waste their time by asking stupid, rhetorical questions and threw their gigantic marketing budget numbers at us. Every other ad tries hard to convince potential users of the amazing experience awaiting them. Brands spend crores getting memorable faces to do that for them believing they can bank on the trust people place in familiar faces. That’s marketing, that’s sales, that’s the goal of every business. Yet, it is difficult to believe because people are careful of who they trust. That’s the other half of the story.

We are the link that brings these two stories together. Brands looking for trustworthy people to spread the word about them. People looking to enjoy themselves without breaking the bank. We encourage people to build their social capital and get rewards from their favourite brands when they do so by lending their social capital to brands through us. Our rewards are for your service of giving brands you like a shoutout. Brands get visibility, your appreciation while you get to enhance your lifestyle by using great brands at great prices.