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What is WYLD Card?

A card that rewards you for being socially active is finally here! A revolutionary payments card exclusively for the digital creators on social media. Introducing, the WYLD Card. We believe EVERYBODY is an influencer, yes, even YOU!
You just didn't know it....yet! 

WYLD Card is India's 1st social currency payment card that allows every active social media user in India monetise their social network! Get ready to #GetWYLD

We believe that Your Word is Your Worth. Thus, the Wyld card allows you to encash your influence, by broadcasting some of your best content forward. 

Excited already? Want to know how you can be a part of the Wyld Tribe? Let’s dive into it!

All you need is 1000+ followers on your Instagram account. Whether you are an instagrammer, a digital creator, a blogger or just someone looking for crazy cashback offers, the Wyld card is for you. Get Wyld with your purchases, Get Wyld discounts on your favourite brands, and Get Wyld cashbacks by leveraging your Instagram account. 

How to #GetWyld? It’s simple.

Shop your heart out at our loved partner brands, Post about your Wyld card purchases and Earn upto 100% cashback with every shoutout. Yes, you read it right, now get paid to post!

An Instagram card for all content creators, this social currency card takes care of all your needs. We all love shopping, don’t we? Now you can shop more, by saving more, only by using the Wyld card. Simply buy your favourite brands using our Wyld payments card and give a shoutout to the brand on your Instagram account. That’s all! Get upto 100% cashbacks on every purchase. 

Encash your influence, by increasing your social score on Instagram to win higher cashbacks on your purchases. The higher your social score, the higher cashbacks you receive on your purchases.

Here are some tips and tricks to increase your social score on your Instagram:

1) Be regular with posting your content. The more you post, the higher the chance of the audience interacting with your content.

2) Make sure to tag the brands you wear or places you travel to. This will help you achieve a higher visibility on social media, when the brands decide to repost your content on their pages. This in return would also help you increase your followers’ count!

3) Good quality pictures, with complete captions and top hashtags

4) Higher engagement rate means a higher social score! Make sure to always keep your audience engaged with your content!

With India’s 1st social currency card, The Wyld card gives you an opportunity to leverage your social media and convert your Instagram account into your biggest asset. 

The most exciting thing about this social rewards card is that it will make you flaunt the card in front of all your friends! Whether you decide to shop online or go to a mall, flaunt your Wyld card at every stop, to get wyld cashbacks like never before!

So hurry! #GetWyld today and join our community of the top creators that monetize their Instagram with India’s 1st social currency payments card. Get your Wyld card now.

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