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What is WYLD?


When you introduce yourself as one, the word influencer is met with the same dread and desire that once accompanied an ‘entrepreneur’. The road to success is long and often lonely. We know little encouragement, small breaks and help from remotest of places often goes a long way in keeping the hunger for the hustle alive. 

What’s the difference between you and Kylie Jenner promoting a brand if not a few million followers and many more dollars that she gets to do it? But don’t your friends listen when you rave about your latest dinner, shopping experience and brand   discovery. Everyone has a circle of influence (a little different from what Stephen Covey talked about in 7 Habits). In fact, friends and family pay more attention to your recommendations over people they don’t personally know. That is your influence but you were never recognised for it beyond requests to validate people’s purchases. What if there was a way to encash your influence? What if you could be a money making influencer without thousands of followers? 

Here’s when things get WYLD. The WYLD Card is India's 1st social currency payment card (Visa enabled) that allows every active social media user in India to monetise their influence through their social network. If you have an Instagram account with 1000+ followers, paying with WYLD cards (like any debit or credit card) can give you up to 100% cash back on your purchases every time you post about your experiences on Instagram. 

Shop your heart out from our partner brands, Post pictures tagging brands you paid for using your WYLD card and Earn upto 100% cash back with every shoutout on every purchase.

Yes, you get paid to post! Your cash back size is dependant upon your Social Score, a measure of your posts’ social engagement.  

Now every time you pay for, you are rewarded for doing what you naturally would have done- tell the world! WYLD gives you an opportunity to transform your social media into an asset without the millions of followers yet to find you. Join the waitlist to get early access now. Get WYLD monetising your lifestyle, as it is!

Some of the WYLD Partner Brands: