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What is ​Social Score?

Social currency has always existed in the world in various forms and definitions. It was the influence and power of people in top positions, or it was the fame and glory of individuals who achieved great feats. Their social currency opened doors for them that otherwise would have stayed shut. Unlike currencies we are accustomed to, until now this ubiquitous currency could not be reliably measured. Therefore, access to social currency or social capital was simplistically limited to haves and have nots. Either one was so popular that everybody acknowledged their influence, power, or fame or you were just a regular person.

With the advent of social media, a part of every identity’s social currency can be quantified and therefore leveraged. Tools enabled by today’s technology have levelled the playing field for every person to exercise their social influence like never before. Just like the internet democratised the access to knowledge, social media has democratised the use of social currency.  

WYLD uses an Artificial Intelligence powered algorithm to assess social media presence of every public profile on Instagram. The result is a dynamic social score aimed at quantifying the measurable aspects of an identity’s social currency.

How is Social Score calculated?

There are two kinds of Instagram users- consumers and creators. Consumers tend to passively consume or sometimes share content with their followers. Creators are users that post regularly, are visible even to those who don’t follow them and drive the trends over social media. Creators can be expected to have a higher social score by virtue of their strong online presence.

Every public account has a Social Score. Each public user is given a score out of 1000 points using data collected and provided by Instagram through Artificial Intelligence-enabled tools, monitoring public profiles in real-time.

The score is a measure of social media engagement using multiple data points including:

  • Number of followers
  • Engagement (likes, comments, and shares)
  • Frequency of posts
  • Bots, fake followers, legitimacy etc

Data does not include personal information such as Direct Messages (DM), contact information, personal activity.  Private accounts do not have social scores.

How to check Social Score?

Social score can be obtained freely using the WYLD app or click here to find out . Enquiries do not affect your social score.

How to read Social Score?

Social score is a dynamic rating of your social media engagement that is affected by every post, engagement by follower and your content creation activity (or the lack of it). Single action cannot have a significant and lasting impact on social score.  

Find your social score and start capitalising on it today with WYLD. Join the WYLD waitlist and learn to leverage your social currency