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What Can Wyld Card Holders Expect in 2024

If you’re already a Wyld card holder and active user, more exciting news about exciting perks awaits you this year, and you’re about to dive into them. Not a Wyld cardholder yet? Well, stay tuned for all the boons you’ll unlock once you’re in.

Loyalty Pays

First things first, let's talk about loyalty. Soon, your commitment to us will pay off big time. Soon, with every transaction you make, you’ll also be racking up some Wyld Bucks (Your very own Wyld currency!) Then all you got to do is cash in those hard-earned bucks for some sweet rewards that'll have you feeling like a true VIP.

New Brands, Baby!

We're rolling out the red carpet for some exciting new brands joining the Wyld family. From fashion-forward favourites to restaurants and dishes that turn you into food bloggers, there's something for everyone to swoon over. This year, you’ll unearth newer brands every few months to splurge (without spending) at!

Easy Scrolls Only

Life's too short for clunky apps and confusing websites, right? Well, we've been hard at work revamping our platforms to make your Wyld experience smoother than ever. Say goodbye to headaches and hello to seamless navigation! Your Wyd app is being turned into your favourite place to wander to on your phone.

It’s a Wyld Party!

Keep that glass filled to the rim, for that designated Wyld day is about to become the new Saturday. We're building a stronger Wyld community than ever before, filled with loyal users like yourself who know how to live life to the fullest. In our soon-to-be-launched Wyld Days, you’ll meet other like-minded Wyld users and party like there’s no tomorrow!

Enroute Wyld Cities

Last but certainly not least, we're spreading our Wyld wings and venturing into new territories. That’s right! All we can say is that tell your friends in Bangalore, Delhi, and beyond that a Wyld way of living is soon to be introduced to them. Whether you're a local or just passing through, Wyld has got your back with insider recommendations and unbeatable deals.

So there you have it, 2024 is shaping up to be one heck of a ride for Wyld Card holders. With loyalty rewards, new brands, user-friendly interfaces, Wyld Wednesdays, and new cities on the horizon, the future looks brighter than ever. So buckle up, get ready to unleash your Wyld side, and let's make this year one for the books! 

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