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Reasons Why You're Already an Influencer

Gone are the days when you needed 1 million followers and an aesthetic feed to become an influencer!

Today, as long as you have an active Instagram account and a decent number of followers, you are already an influencer. Yes, even if you show less face and more of the world on your feed, and even when all you post is dishes you’re savouring or books you’re reading that week. Let’s break it down for you. Of course, when we talk professionally, influencing is a different ball game altogether. But, who is an influencer in the most basic sense? Well, an influencer is someone who can influence someone, in any capacity. All you need is your Instagram account, and off you go, inspiring action without even trying or realizing it. 

You Influence When You Show off that Dish or Drink

Whether it's a big brunch spread or a simple cup of coffee that made your morning, each post or story tells a story. Even with that simple post, you have the power to inspire at least 3 out of 30 followers to visit that cafe or at least add it to their ‘weekend list.’ Your simple act of sharing could lead to someone discovering their new favourite dish or sparking a conversation about food culture.

You Influence When You Post that OOTD Outfit 

Fashion isn't just about the runway or glossy magazines anymore—it's on your feed. Your carefully curated Outfit of the Day posts or even those quick mirror selfies, before you head out for that Saturday night, could inspire a follower or two to follow that brand or get that same top. You see? Putting your style on the gram might seem like just another way to share your style, but it could also be a small but valid contribution to a fashion brand’s sales. 

You Influence When You Share a Post or an Opinion

In a sea of selfies and sunsets, your willingness to share your thoughts and opinions can set you apart and influence change. Whether it's about politics, pop culture, or the latest Netflix binge, your posts DO have the potential to add depth to the digital landscape. You might be sparking debates, challenging perspectives, or simply providing a platform for others to feel heard. Your voice matters, and it's shaping the conversations happening online.

You might not have a verified badge or an Instagram collaboration deal (yet), but that doesn't demean your influence. Every post, story, and interaction you share has the potential to make a difference in someone's life. You're not just a social media user; you're a micro-influencer in your own right.

So, keep sharing, keep inspiring, and keep being authentically you, all by optimizing the power of the Wyld social currency payment card and its cashback app!

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