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New Brands to Splurge On With the Wyld Social Currency Card

In a world saturated with options, discovering new brands that fit your style, values, and needs can be a whirlwind. Whether your weekend list entails a summer shopping splurge, trying out a new bar, or restocking those lipsticks, the market is brimming with brands for you to spend on. Wyld brands, might we add! Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Kingdom of White

For the modern minimalist man, Kingdom of White can be your very own sanctuary of timeless, all-white clothing. This is your cue to embrace the classic, simple, and effortless styles that never fail to create an impression, AKA white fashion, designed to radiate sophistication while catering to the minimalist aesthetic.

Shoppers Stop

A haven for fashion enthusiasts, Shoppers Stop houses everyone’s go-to for international and national brands. From apparel to accessories, fragrances to home decor, it's a one-stop destination for the entire family's needs, and now with Wyld, this shopping experience is an absolute treat.


With retro vibes, funky bites, and boozy cocktails, this mass-favourite eclectic resto-bar has it all. With its charming ambiance and whimsical menu, Hitchki promises a weekend the Wyld fam will never forget!

Papa Socks

Next up, we have everyone’s go-to destination for socks that don't just cover your feet but make a statement too! From quirky designs to premium comfort, they've got you covered, quite literally. Even if you aren’t a sock person, these tempting prints will have you adding them to the cart ASAP.

Health Set Go

Who doesn't love a good dose of vitamins with a punch of flavours? Health Set Go has your back with its delicious multivitamin gummies. Vegan and clinically-backed, they're like a tasty treat that's actually good for you. Win-win!


Now, if you're all about that street-style vibe, Skewdeck India is where it's at. Drop shoulder tees and hoodies that scream urban cool? Yes, please! The best part? These funky pieces take you all through summer straight to winter in style and comfort. 


Ladies, listen up! Mars is here to make your beauty routine a breeze with its affordable yet top-notch makeup line. Because feeling fabulous shouldn't cost a fortune, right? With Mars, it certainly doesn’t. 


Jet setters, rejoice! Assembly's got your travel needs covered with their sleek luggage and backpacks. Say goodbye to boring travel gear and hello to style on the go. Who knows? These travel essentials might actually inspire you to book those tickets finally!

Kaala Teeka

For those who appreciate the beauty of Indian craftsmanship, Kaala Teeka is a treasure trove of contemporary designs infused with traditional charm. Think block prints meet modern silhouettes. Now, add ounces of comfort that blend in effortlessly with the summer vibe. 

Chemist at Play

And skincare junkies, you're in for a treat with Chemist at Play. Their ceramide-based products are like a spa day in a bottle, rejuvenating your skin and giving you that glow you've always wanted.

So there you have it! 10 brands that cater to your every need and desire without spending an extra dime just by using the Wyld cashback app. PS. You can also learn how to make money online!

Stay Wild, Use Wyld!

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