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WYLD: India’s First Social Currency Card

The first of its kind, India’s social currency card exclusively for the creators community is here. At Wyld, we draw onto a new approach to building customer relationships with the brands. But what exactly is social currency? 

Social currency is the extent of influence that you have on your social media, and leveraging that influence to convert it into an asset for your brand. Do you have your friends checking your latest Instagram post and asking where you got that new outfit from? Are you a content creator that loves sharing their stories with the audience? We all have social currency, but the difference is that some social media creators leverage their influence, while others do not. Using Wyld card, we help you do exactly this. We help you monetize your social media account and earn cashbacks on every purchase you make using your Wyld card. 

As a digital creator on Instagram, when you share pictures of outfits you shopped or the restaurant that you recently visited, you have a certain level of influence on your followers. Using this social currency card for creators, we help you leverage this influence on all your purchases. 

It’s simple. Turn your likes and shares into rewards. Swipe the Wyld card on all your favourite brands, whether online or offline, give a shoutout to the brand on your Instagram and win upto 100% cashbacks on your purchases. The better your social score, the higher is your social currency, and the higher the cashback you receive!

“Social currency” is simply your “Influence currency”. With India’s first social currency card for creators, you now have access to the best brands with the highest cashbacks. At Wyld, we help you encash your influence and monetize your social network, by giving shoutouts to your favourite beloved brands. A unique social currency card for digital creators, budding influencers, cashback lovers, that also gives you early access to new product launches and events. At Wyld, we believe that influence is the only currency that matters, and to monetize your influence is the way to go! 

Believe it or not, but influencing is not a choice, thus we help you leverage the power of your people network, by rewarding you with the best cashbacks card. There is a monetary value to the likes, shares and comments on your social media. For example, when you go to a fancy new restaurant for lunch, you talk about it with your friends on social media and share the restaurant’s pictures with them. Your followers check your recommendation and go visit the place next week. This is basically what social currency is, where when you get customers to a brand, you get rewarded for it. 

With India’s first social currency card, you can now unlock the power of your network and be a part of the Wyld community today. With the Wyld card, your word is your worth! 1000 followers is all you need to be a part the #GetWyld community, where Wyld will help you encash your influence. Got Instagram? #GetWyld

Flaunt your social currency card at every purchase, because now you can now use your followers on social media to earn cashbacks and rewards with your shopping when you swipe WYLD. The Wyld card is for everyone! You don’t need to be a creator, an influencer, or even have tens of thousands of followers on your Instagram. We’ll get you running with 1000 followers. Leverage your influence now, with India’s first social currency card. Turn your likes and shares into rewards and Join the waitlist today!