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How To Spend More On Broke College Student Budget!

Is your broke student budget holding you back from living your college days to the fullest? Eating out, clubbing, attending concerts and shopping can be very expensive, especially in cities like Mumbai. How does a college student maximize fun, keep track of expenditures and earn money at the same time?

You can stop searching for the best deals online and start living. Create your own deals by monetising your social currency. Social currency is that invisible tally of sharing things with people that make you look good. Every time you share content online, you show your friends and family what you like. Helping others find new things they enjoy earns you social currency. People listen when you have something to say. Why shouldn’t that benefit you? Why can only influencers make money using Instagram?

As a student, you are an active consumer. You buy things, you review them and tell people about them. That’s why brands love you. When you are impressed, you get many more interested. WYLD helps brands find you, their most desirable customers, by showing your Instagram stories and posts using the product. You could literally earn cash backs by simply tagging the brand of T-shirt you are wearing or the restaurant you’re dining in. All you need is a thousand followers on Instagram and a public profile to get your WYLD card. A VISA powered card that keeps track of your spending and when you post your next picture with the things you purchased using the WYLD card, you can earn cash backs worth 30-100% of the purchase price.

It is natural to think it’s too good to be true. Well, it is when you think that you are earning money just for using Instagram. However the truth is, brands you use are paying you to leverage your social currency. We offer 100% transparent, no strings attached cash backs from our 100+ brand partners to your WYLD card. A growing community of WYLD card users are already earning from their shopping and many more are waitlisted to earn their WYLD card. Join the WYLD community today.

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