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How to make money from personal brands without selling courses or sponsored content.

Why You Should Invest in Building Your Personal Brand

Everybody wants to build their personal brand these days. Models, politicians, and model politicians have been joined by CEOs, founders, resin artists, home chefs in building a brand out of themselves. Some people have no dedicated talents but are just so interesting to have convinced a few thousand people to follow them. 

In this blog, we will tell you Why? 

The benefit of a strong personal brand is almost the same as the benefits of investing in yourself. And I don’t need to tell you the value in that. But that’s what those without personal brands fail to recognise. Having a personal brand doesn't just enable you to sell a product or service, or get invites to events, free stuff and the opportunity to sign up to promote brands. It includes all of that and more. 

Win bargains

If you’ve ever bargained for anything or have been embarrassed and amazed at the same time to see someone get something at 30% of the quoted price then you know the oldest trick in the book is - “bhaiya, 2 lene ka kitna lagaoge?” (Discount on getting twice the quantity?)

Lesson : If you promise more business, people usually give you a discount. 

How your personal brand helps you get better deals

Through a personal brand, you can promise help in spreading the word and get a bargain. But, how can a brand trust you and your followers? Even if they do, how will they evaluate how much discount you deserve? There was no universal way to assess the worth of your social media following for people who aren’t full time-influencers. Thus, a social scoring system started. Like credit score measures creditworthiness, social score measures how incredible a social media account is.

With a ready reference to show what you’re worth socially. You can leverage your social currency - which is the value and influence that an individual holds through their social media presence and online interactions. 

Using that incredible social presence, show what you can offer. Doing this for every purchase doesn’t make sense. That’s where WYLD comes in. Previously, we were an influencer marketplace letting brands shop services of different influencers. 

We tried our best to match brands to customers according to their preferences but then one particular brand made us realise something that was going to be WYLD.

Everybody is an influencer. Everybody has a personal brand.

You don’t need thousands of followers to be called one. Everybody’s social media account is in essence a ‘social CV’.  Everyone has the power to influence someone in their life. So, we built WYLD to help people realise and leverage this untapped bank account. 

Earn from your personal brand using WYLD 

Anyone with a 1000 followers and more on a public Instagram profile is eligible for the WYLD card which will enable you to bargains with brands, be a ready reference of your social worth and earn from your personal brand without making online courses, products and services.

By simply tagging the brand in your stories and giving them visibility in front of your followers, you get 30-100% cash back on your purchases made with the WYLD card. Imagine you bought amazing boAt speakers with the WYLD card and the video from last weekend’s houseparty has a friend dancing with those speakers on their shoulders. Tag boAt in that video and within 72 hours you get 50% on the price you paid. That’s WYLD.

Do some good: Help people make better choices

Recommending great products is a public service! Let no one tell you otherwise (as long as you are honest). But, unless you’re Kendall Jenner talking about make-up, Elon Musk recommending flamethrowers, or Shah Rukh Khan selling paan masala, you probably aren’t getting paid for doing so, even if you are honest. However, their strength is reaching millions. Your strength as a friendly-neighbour is trust.   

People find it difficult to trust people they don't know before making purchasing decisions. People who follow personal brands usually follow because they strike a personal chord with them (without being a larger than life celebrity). Telling people what you like and why is also a good use of personal brand. 

So monetise your influence. Use your bank balance you didn’t know you were building every time you influenced someone in a good way. It’s true now more than ever, your network is your net worth. 


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