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How To Build A Brand Community for Retention

The Guest : Rij is the COO at Wyld and is a loyalty and customer retention expert. He’s got over a decade of experience designing loyalty programs and retention strategies for some of the biggest companies in the Middle East and across the world. He’s also a luxury lifestyle influencer with a following of over 50,000 on Instagram. 

The Host : SidBoson is a master community builder with 10 years of experience. Having started his journey working with Harvard University’s CS50x at age 17, Sid has catalysed growth for communities across domains. Currently, he leads Community at Scenes - the ultimate community platform.

In this conversation, we explore loyalty programs, community gamification and retention strategies for consumer facing businesses. We dive into a few examples and case studies of successful retention programs and delve into consumer psychology and brand community building.

Without further ado, tune in.

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