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How to become a creator/ influencer

Social media has become an integral part of our everyday lives. It gives the ability for people to share their stories and experiences with their followers. There are millions of instagram users that create and post content on their instagram. However, there are only a few that remain consistent with posting their content. The consistency is what differentiates a regular instagram user versus a digital content creator. The question you might ask yourself is are you really an influencer yet or wonder how to become one. The truth is, we are all influencers! We all have the power to influence on social media, where our friends, family watch our content and engage with it. The difference is that some instagram users have leveraged their influence while some have not.

Introducing Wyld, India's 1st social currency payment card that let's ALL instagrammers leverage their influence. Wyld strongly believes that every user has a kind of power to influencer and thus every user and every customer is an influencer. At Wyld, we help you monetize your network by leveraging your influence.

All you need is a 1000+ followers on your instagram profile. Use the Wyld card to shop at your favourite brands, give a shoutout to the brand on your instagram and Tadaa! Get upto 100% cashback on your every purchase. With Wyld’s one of it’s kind marketing strategy, every customer pays via their followers and the brand finds an influencer in every customer!

A Wyld score is assigned to every user, which decides the percentage of cashback that the user receives on their purchases. The Wyld score is an intelligent scoring system that determines a user’s social media score on the basis of quality of posts, number of followers, engagement rate, frequency of posts and various other factors taken into consideration. The better your Wyld score, the better influence you have and better the cashback you receive. If you have an Instagram account with more than 1000 followers, and you love to shop you’re in! That is all you need. So why pay cash when you can pay via likes and shares?

The question to ask is “How to leverage your influence” rather than “How to become an influencer”, cause that you already are! As a digital content creator on instagram, it is important to be consistent with your content. When you post more frequently, instagram promotes your content to an audience with similar interest. This helps you increase your engagement on your instagram and inturn helps you increase your Wyld score. Increasing your Wyld score not only gives you upto 100% cashback but also provides early access to special events and product launches. By doing this, you become a part of a larger network, meet like-minded people who share a similar interest and carve your own channel of content moving forward. Wyld gives everyone a platform to increase their influence and monetize their network.

So while you shop from our partner brands, share and flaunt your shopping on your Instagram, and earn exclusive rewards and WYLD cashback on your card. Built on the premise that everybody with a digital presence, no matter how big or small, is influential. WYLD helps them leverage and monetise that influence with every purchase. So now, increase your influence with every purchase and awaken the influencer you always wanted to be!

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