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Here’s Why You May Not Be Eligible for the Wyld Card

You wondered, we answered.

We get it. The Wyld Card is your passport to your dream lifestyle (All while learning how to make money online,) and you can’t wait to live wild with our social currency payment card in your pocket. But if you get disappointed every time you check your email, we bring you some relief here. Just like everything else in life, getting the Wyld card also takes some steps to climb with the harness of patience. Here’s something you can check if you have applied for it and are awaiting approval.

Got At Least 1,000 Followers?

The forest and foremost criterion you need to attain the Wyld card is a minimum of 1,000 followers. Why? Well, there’s nothing against you. If not for social media algorithms, we’d welcome everyone, number of followers no bar. But sadly, that’s not how to monetize Instagram. More followers, more of your influencing power, and in turn, more marketing for our partner brands. After all, it has to be a win for these brands as well, right?

How Strong is Your Social Score?

‘What is a social score?’ ‘Is it similar to CIBIL score?’ ‘How do you measure that?’

In the Wyld world, a social score is similar to a CIBIL score but in tune with everything about your social media presence. Besides having a minimum of online friends aka followers, you must also make sure that your page:

  • Shows off a minimum of 10 posts
  • Has zero fake followers
  • Has authentic engagement i.e. likes and comments
  • Must be a public and active profile
  • Must be a reflection of your personality

Are You a Brand/Meme Page?

As you already know, our core belief is that you are already an influencer. Picture this: Every time you post about a brand, your social circle including your friends and family DM you to know more about your experience with the said brand. Upon positive feedback, they get influenced to perhaps, check out that brand or make a purchase too. On the other hand, as a brand or meme page, you certainly may have a greater reach but limited influencing power since most brand promotions are more professional and less personal. Though we’re currently finding a way to amplify the sales of our partner brands via such pages too, as of today, we don’t accept applications from them.

Nevertheless, if you are in line for the Wyld card but don’t match the eligibility criteria, there’s always a way to increase your followers and use your regular content to increase your engagement. After all, you have your unique influencing power too! Well, here is a small but mighty course on how to get 1000 followers on Instagram and How to Become a Successful Instagram Influencer by industry expert, Sorav Jain, available to you ONLY AT Rs. 299.

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