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The future of marketing is here. Stop buying at full price. Slash the price tag with Wyld!

Building the next big thing in the world of marketing. Meet Wyld! India’s first social currency payment card that brings to you a completely new concept to market your brand.

Wyld turns customers into an ambassador for the brand, getting them to promote the brand products in exchange for amazing cashbacks in return.
Do you remember the last time you asked a shopkeeper or a salesman for a discount by telling them, “Give me some discount and I’ll tell my friends about you?” Wyld has transformed this exact same concept by taking it to a whole new level online.

“We has reimagined Word-of-mouth marketing and we now get you amazing cashbacks for talking about your favourite brands online”, says Yash Sakhlecha, the Co-founder of Wyld and an IIT Bombay alumnus.

The concept is simple. The users buy products, post about it on instagram and get rewarded with crazy cashbacks for promoting the brand. Isn’t this a win-win situation for all?
For all the brands who struggle with targeted marketing, Wyld offers a solution for you.

Wyld gets you the most effective word-of-mouth marketing and content creation for brands at ZERO capex, while also making sales and winning organic word-of-mouth marketing from their customers!

Dishant Sanghvi, the brain behind Wyld, who has led 100+ influencer campaigns and is a recognized consultant for the top brands in the marketing industry, believes that “When you make a customer happy in the offline world, they will tell 5 of their friends. But when you make a customer happy on social media, they will tell 500 of their friends. Wyld was born with the intent to make influencer marketing more scalable, authentic, targeted and impactful.”

Wyld has an amazing curation of new and trendy brands plus a great price offering. So now keep shopping and keep saving!

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