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Desserts to Swipe Your Wyld Card for this Valentine’s

Cupid’s Day is just around the corner, and if you also love ‘love,’ we bet you’re scouting for the sweetest Valentine’s gifts right now. But hey, this day doesn’t exclude our proud singles! It’s the day to celebrate love after all, whether it is with your beau, family that became friends, your peers, or simply with yourself. We believe that the universal language of love is sweetness. On cue, here are some of our dessert partner brands to swipe your social currency payment card at this Valentine’s.

Open Secret

It’s the health revolution, and you gotta love a sweet bite that delivers that perfect punch with zero maida, palm oil, and preservatives! Classic flavoured chocolate bars, cookies, and brownies that pack a good dose of health and flavour both, can never go wrong. Why we recommend it? Open Secret’s little packs make great accompaniments for your snack bag as you head out for the day. If you’re slipping a few packs into your significant other’s purse, they’ll spare you many loving thoughts during that afternoon snack break too.

Love & Latte

Sometimes, even lavish dinner dates can’t trump those cute coffee and dessert dates. We love an iced coffee with a side of decadent muffin at this vibrant cafe. Safe to say, keeping it simple and meaningful with a cake and coffee date is, hands down, the best way to celebrate your love with a friend, a partner, or yourself. This cafe which has branches across the city, is also home to different flavoured coffees, frappes, and shakes with a platter of sweet bakes to make this mid-week lovelier.

Belgian Waffle

A low-budget Valentine’s date idea that will go down as one of the sweetest dates in your life? Here’s what you got to do. Grab a waffle or two from the tempting menu of Belgian Waffle, hit the road, and press play on that feel-good playlist. Ditch that fine dining to make way for the luxury of a long drive with soothing tunes and waffles. Coz, who said love can’t be celebrated with a low-key gesture?

Sassy Teaspoon

Of course, if ‘grand’ is your second name and making monumental gestures is in your blood, we recommend Sassy Teaspoon’s gourmet cakes. All made with high-quality ingredients, the patisserie delivers bakes that are literally heart-melting. With every bite you taste, these sweet bites melt into your mouth the moment you taste them. So, let the magic of personalization run Wyld and label your love with a gourmet touch of confection.

Sweetish House Mafia

This has to be your first and last option if you’re looking for a small, subtle, and sweet gesture. Sweetish House Mafia’s indulgent cookies are more than just cookies. Each gourmet cookie here comes seemingly manifested from our childhood dreams—an explosion of chocolate, gooey texture with an equal balance of crispiness, a good measure of sweetness, and the whole taste of celebration.

Now, what’s a good celebration if your friends on the gram don’t get a glimpse of it? So, while you’re devouring those desserts with your chosen Valentine, don't forget to tag us and the dessert brand in your story or post. After all, you ARE a micro-influencer without even realizing it. So, join the moment to spread love and up your social score all at once.

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