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Aspiring to be on Shark Tank India? Learn From Our Experience

We may not be seasoned pros of Shark Tank India, but we have been down the deep end of the tank, and when we came up for air, we also got pearls of confidence, insights, and new-found clarity. So, if you’ve harboured that shark dream, we’ve got some pearls of wisdom for you too. Thank us later.

Get Your Numbers Straight

After winning the Sharks of Shark Tank India over with your business model and pitch, it is the numbers that plead the case. So, if you’re an aspirant, be ready to be grilled down to every digit of your business—the profits, the losses, repeat customers, partners, valuations, etc. When swimming with the sharks of Shark Tank India, let’s just say that your numbers are your lifeline. So, mug them up and have a justification ready, if need be. It is better to be ready than sorry. 

Clarify Your Vision

Your mission right now may be to sell 100 cupcakes. Your long-term vision may be to sell 10,000 cupcakes in 5 years. But, how, where, and to whom? How will you make that switch happen? How do you plan on tackling the growing competition? What differentiators are you going to carry forward and which ones will you introduce? You don’t want to fumble and deliver an answer as good as your 5-year-old niece. So, get real with yourself, dig deep, and unearth all those answers.

Keep It Simple

You’re not just speaking to the Shark Tank India Judges, you’re speaking to millions of viewers across the country. So, keep that pitch simple, professional, well-articulated, and easy to understand. Tone down the jargon and imagine you’re pitching to a complete novice. Once you crack that art of articulation, you will make sure you take home a shark’s mentorship and also convert viewers to customers.

Dress to Impress

While some may argue that your business idea should be stronger than your presentation, we agree. But, let’s not forget that the way you dress yourself and your props leaves a lasting first impression too. In other words, your outfit and your product/service presentation must scream, “I mean business!” For us, our product is a winner amongst the younger generation, so we had to slip into that sartorial space of funky street fashion.

Your Hook Carries More Points

Yes, your numbers and answers matter, but the hook is what wins you the sharks’ and audience’s attention first. Keep it smart, simple, and straight to the point. No one likes playing the guessing game they did not sign up for. The first minute of your pitch is where you set the tone and plant the flag of confidence and success. So, make sure that you open with a blockbuster hook. 

Don’t Ignore Your Other Online Assets 

Imagine you deliver a terrific pitch, your numbers are all on track, you raise the presentation bar, and the sharks are impressed. A viewer turns into a fan and hits the search button, and your social media looks fragmented, your website shows multiple errors, and your logo across online platforms shows them the door immediately. Our point? While you perfect your pitch, sprinkle the magic of a good makeover over your online presence too. It’s the era of digital kingdoms, and you’ve got to have your throne. 

While here is everything our founders gathered in their nets, we’d love to hear your experience, takeaways, or questions all about Shark Tank India Season 3.

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