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5 Ways To Build Social Currency

Social currency can help you build relationships, seem more credible, and increase your influence within your community as people gravitate around those with high social capital. Strong social currency can also open up new opportunities, such as job offers, mentorship opportunities, and collaborations that help you grow personally and professionally.

Here are 5 ways that anyone can build social currency:

  1. Engage in social activities: Participating in social activities and events can help people build social currency by increasing their social connections and allowing them to interact with others. This can include things like joining clubs that interest you, volunteering, or attending social events.
  2. Be a good listener: People who are good listeners tend to be more likeable and are often more sought after for their social support. Listening attentively and actively can help people build social currency by making others feel valued and appreciated.
  3. Help others: People who are willing to help others tend to be more popular and well-regarded within their social circles. By offering support, guidance, or assistance to those in need, people can build social currency and strengthen their social connections. It could just be patiently listening and sharing your life experiences with someone.
  4. Share valuable information: Sharing valuable information or resources with others can also help people build social currency. Sharing a useful article, recommending a book or movie, or introducing people to new ideas or perspectives increase your social capital as people appreciate your taste.
  5. Be positive and optimistic: People who are positive and optimistic tend to be more likeable and are often more sought after for their social support. Nobody likes a cynical person, especially when they are right. Caution and criticism are separated by a fine line, choose your colour.

Building social currency can help you feel more connected to your tribe and increase your sense of belonging. It costs next to nothing to pay attention and can pay back in unimaginable ways. Someone rightly said reputation is like a bank account where you can only deposit a Rupee a day but each withdrawal is almost all of your bank account. The Same goes for social currency.

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